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Create an online sales platform for Peipeile dough outside of China.


Sole designer in charge of research, UX, and UI design.


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Invision.

In early September 2016  Peipeile started a process to expand the sales of their own brand  beyond China. I tasked with improving the experience users had with their brand online.

Their  website at that moment didn’t comply usability standards and many users grew disinterested on the landing page. In order to give Peipeile an edge on this new road , I was given the responsibility to redesign their website to fit the brand values they want to portray.


Initially, interviews with both the business side and the users were realized in order to explore the needs, likes and problems that they had with the current site. During these interviews it was clear that many didn’t find the website pleasant, easy to navigate and were having trouble finding product information.

Using the information gathered through the interviews a user flow was designed and used to create a series of mockups that were tested using InVision. This prototyping was iterated until the results obtained from the users were satisfactory: a more satisfactory navigation system and a clear hierarchy between elements.

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After having an initial validation of the content placement through the mockup prototypes, I worked on the visual treatment of the page. The visual design of the website had several iterations and changes regarding the size of the elements, the type of icons and photographs used on the page.

Some things I had to take into account while designing the website was the need of Peipeile to be considered a fun and trustworthy brand for children while appealing to their parents. The result is a sleek website focusing on color and micro moments that engage the customer and communicate the company’s goals.

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To ensure better touchpoint for both Business to Consumer and Business to Business, new UX was crafted from the ground up in order to provide better product support, costumer service,  share the goals and aspirations of Peipeile and easy access to all the different products they offer.

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